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...and I have some news!

Many of you followed my journey in India and wrote me incredible kind and humbling messages, thank you! When I travel, it’s not for any reason other than to find inspiration in my life and I’m so happy when that experience translates into inspiring others as well. I started this transformative journey in 2014. Sometimes it takes a particular event to wake you up and catalyze change and for me that was being diagnosed with a brain tumor. I found myself, in that moment, taking stock of my life and reevaluating my hopes and dreams. I wanted to live more authentically and with purpose, so without hesitation, I packed up my suitcase(s) and kitty Franklin, left my Manhattan apartment, ended an 8-year relationship, left corporate America, hopped on a ferry to Brooklyn and planted my feet in good ‘ole Williamsburg. The rest is history! In the last 4 years, I graduated business school with my MBA, started my own business Amber Blue, backpacked 23 countries and sailed 7 countries solo, and lived in India getting certified in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bowl Therapy and EFT.

Cue Adele, “Hello from the other side”... I am now on the other side of this transformative journey and I look back in amazement - it has truly been life changing. I have taken the road less traveled and it really has made all the difference. I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and I am exploding with excitement and pure joy every single day. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has stood by me and encouraged me along the way.

So what’s next for me? I am devoting my time to being a traveling Wellness Entrepreneur. I am the proud co-founder of Amber Blue (a plant-based skincare & aromatherapy company), Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 HR Ashtanga & Vinyasa; Yoga Alliance), Meditation Master Teacher, Advanced Sound Bowl Therapist, EFT Practitioner and Energy Healer, and I do it all on the road visiting people and places to share my passion in wellness as a lifestyle. My goal is to help others bring wellness and restore balance in their lives and inspire people to pursue their own life passions.

This summer I will split my time between America and Europe hosting events and visiting studios and stores. My personal website,, will serve as a source for information and events and my company website,, will serve as a place to purchase our wellness products.

If you’d like me to host an event near you please contact me! I am happy to host a variety of events that relate to skincare, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, sound bowl / sound baths and more. I host events at a variety of locations including studios, corporate offices, private homes, hospitals, schools, universities and so forth. You can email me at to discuss!

Thanks everyone for your love and support!



“The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had” - Anonymous

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