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 and FAQ

For in-person events and classes please refer to the Class Etiquette below. 

This ensures everyone, including yourself, have a happy and relaxed experience.



Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class.  Out of respect for the experience of everyone, no one will be permitted to enter the space once the experience has begun.  Come early and enjoy the opportunity to unwind and relax prior to class.


Remove your shoes before entering our sacred space. Dress in clothing that allows you to sit or lie down comfortably on the floor. Refer to the event invitation on what to bring, some studios have the necessary equipment while others require you to bring your own. Equipment include floor pillows, bolsters, mats and blankets. You may bring a bottle of water that has a secure cap.



Turn off all technology, cell phones and remove your watch.  Extremely important.



Deep breathing is a big part of meditation and is hard to do on a full or digesting stomach. You will have a deeper and more enjoyable meditation and yoga experience if you do not eat 3 to 4 hours before class. Since the point of meditation and yoga is to calm the mind and relax, it is also best not to consume caffeine, sugar, or any other stimulants 4 to 6 hours before your class or session. 


Keep voices low inside and outside the space while waiting for class. While in the room there should be total silence.  During breaks please maintain noble silence.  This removes distractions and conversations that could ignite unnecessary emotions and thoughts during your practice.



We use aromatherapy during some classes. Please do not wear an overabundance of fragrance or use fragrant lotions or essential oils during the classes.


Observe noble silence during class sessions. Enter the studio and find your place to sit or lie down with quiet awareness and turn your attention within. Please refrain from talking once inside the meditation room. This is the place to relax and commune with your higher self.



Once you get seated and settled, please be still with as little movement as possible. Those newer to meditation can become distracted by even the slightest of sound and movement.



Set your intentions and prepare your mind with gratitude and other elevated thoughts.



Be open to the experience.


A sweater or sweatshirt (you may get cold during the meditation), Eye Pillow optional, Socks optional, Most studios have props to support you. Please bring a cushion or mat if you already have one.

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