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Harness The Power Of Your Mind.

Experience The Power Of The Pause.

Be Present In The Here And Now.

Connect To Your Breath.​

Find Your Inner Peace.

Just Be.

A private session is a perfect way to dive deeper into your personal well-being.  Work with Tara to create a customized 90-minute session to meet your personal needs and desires. The session can include Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound Therapy, Sound Massage, and Reiki.  Sessions promote happiness, increased well-being, and inner peace.


  • Sessions are $250 per 90-minute session for one person. $50 per additional person in a session.

  • Meditation:  5 - 60 minutes seated/lying down meditation. Paid in advance of service.

  • Sound Meditation: 5 - 60 minutes seated guided meditation with live singing bowls (Tibetan + crystal bowls).

  • Sound Bath: 30 - 90 minutes of sound bath experience.  Reduce stress and enter into relaxation with this unique sound bath + meditation experience.  Using both Crystal Alchemy Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls to generate unique harmonized tones that when blended together create a Bath of Sounds. The practice of sound healing is a 2,000-year-old Eastern Medicine technique that combines the mind-body connection to healing using the power of sound. These instruments, emit a diverse set of sonic sound frequencies and transcendental tones that restore normal vibratory frequencies from out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind, and soul and encourages a deep state of meditation, relaxation, and healing.  Participants lie down to relax while listening to the soothing meditative sounds.

  • Yoga Classes: A full yoga private (vinyasa, restorative or yin) or incorporate yoga asana poses during the 90 - minute session as part of the healing.  

  • Reiki: Thread Reiki healing into your private.  Reiki is energy healing that can reduce pain and stress.

  • Mindfulness + Education + Q&A: 10 - 30 minutes discussion on what mindfulness, meditation and sound therapy is.  Participants deepen their understanding of the benefits of incorporating meditation + mindfulness into everyday life and walk away with a variety of information, tools, and techniques to practice on their own.  


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