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"Thank you Tara Atwood! You are an amazing and talented teacher! I enjoyed the sound bowl meditation- you are truly an artist! We have been so blessed to have you here this week! Namaste’"

Owners, Studio 4 Whole Health

"Amazing meditation workshop tonight! Thank you so much for bringing such wonderfully enlightening opportunities to this small community - not to mention a place for so many diverse “inner beauties” to converge."

Brie P. 

"I experienced one private and one semi private sound bowl therapy sessions. It was amazing!!!!!!! I highly recommend Tara"

Jennifer B.

"Please come back soon Tara!"

Janet B.

"I attended sound bowl meditation class last night, it was amazing class and wonderful instructor. I found that the sound of the bowl soothes my mind, the vibration soothes the stress. Also, the sounds remind me of temples back in Vietnam, with all the good memories. Thanks so much Tara!!! Hope to see you more at 4WholeHealth"

Tiffany N.

"Tonight's Sound Bath Session with @tarasails was Amazing! #goodvibrations #balancedlife"

Kristen B.

"A M A Z I N G - ALL the feels , literally.  Thank you, Tara."

Kelly R. 

"Thank you for an amazing night Tara."

Bethany M. 

"Thank you for having us state our inner beauty!"

Janelle C. 

"Tara was amazing"

Alissa P.  

"I feel like a new person right now. It has been years since I felt like this. I highly recommend anyone to do this class.  Thank you Tara!"

Cheri L. 

"Thank you Tara for giving us an amazing chakra tune-up tonight.  The vibrations made us feel alive!  We are so thankful for your amazing passion and willingness to share it!"

Owner of Blend Yoga Studio

"Beautiful soul"

Marisa F.  

"My god did I sleep well.  Class was amazing. So soothing"

Anette L. 

"We had the best time! I felt so relaxed today!! Typically I would be flipping out but got things done quicker and almost no anxiety."

Tara L.  (mum with 2 kids under 2 years old)

"Relaxed and ready for a new week! Thank you for an evening of active and passive meditation through our spin and sound bath tonight!"

Owner of Salt Cycle 

"This was amazing!"

Jenny A. 

"Amazing class tonight."

Jessica M. 

"Magical Sound Bath.  It was so soothing and calming!  Had super vivid dreams after!"

Co-owner of Coolidge Yoga

"I've done 3 of your workshops and enjoyed them with all the other participants who were blown away as I was. The 'pause' is important as the breath of some went 19 breaths per minute down to 8.  Can't wait until the next one!"

Jennifer B.  

"Eee amazing!  I loved the session you did at Mandali [retreat center in Italy]! xx"

Susie C.  

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