In all my classes, meditation, yoga and/or sound, I speak of the power of the pause to simply be.  Be present within yourself and be present in the moment.  This simple act of the pause, reduces stress, brings deep peacefulness, relaxation and has hundreds of positive health benefits.  


These ancient wellness practices are over 2,000 years old and truly work.  In fact, in most of the world, especially the far east, these practices are still used as the first line of care for the mind, body and soul.  Our bodies are meant to move and our mind is meant to be still, yet in our modern world and lives, our bodies sit stagnant all day while our minds race (no wonder our breaths are 20+ a minute!).  Meditation, yoga and sound therapy allows us to return to our natural being - moving our bodies and still-ing our minds.  

I hope you find the wellness guide a tool to bring wellness to your everyday life.  This is a wonderful compliment to attending live events with me and/or virtual events.  I hope you find the pause in your lives that we all need to keep us balanced in our mind, body and soul.


I challenge you to focus on a 21-day plan to bring meditation, sound and yoga into your life.    




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Improved mental and emotional health.  Reduced stress and anxiety, improved self-image, positive outlook on life, improvements in attention and clarity of thinking, reduces memory loss, increases positive feelings and actions toward self and others, increases compassion and kindness, stops addictions, improves sleep and fights insomnia, helps pain, decreases blood pressure, improves quality of life and more.


“Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body”


- Deepak Chopra


Remind yourself often of your inner beauty and try to share it with the world daily. It is your gift to share to those around you. Spread your #innerbeauty.

Throughout your busy day, find an opportunity to simply pause and just be. Let thoughts, anxieties, fears and stresses simply be placed in the corner while you allow your mind, body and soul to be present in the very moment free, the mind totally empty. A pause can be simply lying down with your eyes closed, sitting while repeating a mantra or taking a walk in nature.






Active meditation is a style that advocates movement followed by silence (passive meditation). This allows the body and mind to prepare for silence. 

Active: Mindful walking, coloring, dancing, singing, laughing, yoga, gardening, and more.

Passive meditation is a style that generally follows an active meditation.  A technique where the body and mind are  silent. The mind is ‘still’ and not an active participation with events; passive spectator.

Passive: Silence, Watching the Breath, Breathing Techniques, Sound Bath, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and more.


Your breath is the link between your mind and body. This is a quick meditation that you can do anywhere and at any time. Simply focusing on your breath for just 60 seconds can lower your heart rate and reduce tension within your body.


(1)       Set your alarm for one minute.


(2)       Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and your hands resting on your knees with your palms up.


(3)       Count your breath for 60 seconds, one inhale and one exhale equals one breath.


A low breath count, under 10, evokes a relaxation response as deep breathing encourages full oxygen exchange. It slows the heartbeat, stabilizes blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and encourages relaxation and ease. A high breath count, over 10, represents your body being in a constant state of fight or flight, causing stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, suppressed immune system, anxiety and depression.


Active meditation, like dancing, is a style of meditation that advocates movement followed by silence (passive meditation). It was created by Osho, who believed that a meditation style involving physical activity was more practical for the modern world. This meditation is great for releasing physical stress and tension and bringing you to inner stillness and silence.  The meditation has 4 stages each to be 15 minutes long (1 hour in total).  As a modification, you can reduce the length of time for each stage evenly (5 minutes per stage; 20 minutes total).  

Stage 1: Shake Dance (active)

Stage 2: Dynamic Dance Movements (active)

Stage 3: Silence standing or sitting (passive)

Stage 4: Lay down (savasana) (passive)


(1)       Sit comfortably with your eyes closed

(2)       Connect to your breath

(3)       For 2 minutes chant sound of choice continuously

(4)       1 minute silence



Root Chakra:                    

Sacral Chakra:                 

Solar Plexus Chakra:      

Heart Chakra:                  


Third Eye:                                 


Uh        (Foundation, Survival, Security)

Ooo     (Sensuality, sexuality, and desire for pleasure)

Oh        (Related to our power in this world)

Ah        (Love and compassion)

Eye       (Communication; speak your truth)

Aye       (Insight, intuition, awareness and guidance)

Eee       (Spiritual Connection) *Say sound silently in your mind


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