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The short version:

A leading sound bath + meditation expert, speaker + storyteller, entrepreneur and writer. Empowering people by optimizing their mental health and well-being through modern sound baths and meditation experiences. Cultivating space for deeper self-awareness while guiding people to their passion and purpose.  ​

The long version:

My Journey into being me, it's an odd story, with no linear paths to get there.  Lots of winding roads, dead-ends, and paths I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I was an only child from a small town in Massachusetts, born to teenage parents that never married.  My life began unconventional, so it's not surprising I've remained pretty unconventional the rest of my time here on Earth.


After graduating from college, I moved to New York City, pretty unexpectedly.  I say unexpectedly because NYC was a dream, not a realistic option.  The plan had been that I'd move back to the small town I grew up in, having already been offered a mediocre job that gave me a steady paycheck and health insurance.  I kept this as the "plan" to appease my parents until I mustered up enough courage to tell them I'd be moving to New York City in a few weeks time with no job, no money, a trunk full of my necessities and enough hope, dreams, and faith that could shoot me to the moon.  

And, shockingly, my NYC move lasted 13 years. I hustled to make it in NYC, to save, to climb the corporate ladder, to "break" the glass ceiling, I worked in Corporate Finance, Hedge Funds and Private Equity (of all things!) and added to my education by getting a shiny MBA to boot.   I kept going and going and going.  The NYC lifestyle was pretty fast-paced and with my lack of balance in my life, my body became worn down and ultimately the stress manifested into a brain tumor.  A BRAIN FREAKIN' TUMOR.  This little, and shocking, diagnosis got me thinking: "What am I doing with my life and what truly matters?".  I wondered if tomorrow was my last day on Earth, would I have lived a life I was proud of, that I felt fulfilled and passionate for?  The answer was, no.  A big fat NO.


So I did what every normal 30-something year old would do in that moment, I left my career behind, ended an 8-year relationship, got rid of my NYC apartment, took a sabbatical and moved to India; the mecca mind-body wellness.  My family and friends, though I was having a mid-life crisis, but I like to call it a mid-life AWAKENING.  In India, I fell in love with Ayurveda, alternative wellness, and meditation to heal the mind, body, and soul.  I saw and felt the direct benefits of incorporating mind-body wellness techniques into the everyday Western life.  And for the first time, I began to live with true passion and purpose.  

In India, I lived at Ashrams, obtaining certifications in Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy. I trained under the teachings of Thích Nhất Hạnh while living at his Buddhist Monastery, Plum Village, in France and the teachings of S. N. Goenka at his Vipassana Meditation Center in Italy.  And I kept exploring, traveling the world, 3 continents and 27+ countries solo, to learn and share in the power of the MInd through Sound + Meditation and to live with a deeper purpose. 

My passion lies in empowering people by optimizing their mental health and well-being through modern sound baths and meditation experiences and cultivating space for deeper self-awareness while guiding people to their passion and purpose.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering, writing, reading, traveling, sailing, yoga, meditation, biking, skiing, kayaking, hiking, and scuba diving.  After living in Asia and Europe, I have decided to plant myself in good ole' Boston, Mass (for now).

I welcome you to join me at one of my meditation classes and you can always reach out to me on Instagram @tarasails.  

Love + Light,



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